#WinnerTakesEarth And The Mysterious Guys!!!


A mysterious symbol of circle with football design inscribed in it and the Twitter hashtag #WinnerTakesEarth surprisingly appeared in Guanabara Bay (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) where the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be hosted. The symbol and the hashtag also appeared in New York’s Times Square and London’s Hackney Marshes. It’s a global mystery, huh?



This event then started to look serious as a group of 11 unknown men (11, the number of players in a football team) were spotted in Bayer Munich’s Allianz Arena. They dressed in black robes and the same circular symbol that’s spotted across the globe was on the chest of their robes. Likewise, these Mysterious Guys were spotted in Juventus Stadium (Italy) and Stamford Bridge (London, UK), making strange synchronized gestures. You can’t say the look of the Mysterious Guys isn’t pure evilness! It’s like in a Hollywood movie and whenever I look at them and their type of symbology, I remember Dan Brown’s series of secret society fictional novels. It’s funny, I was even wishing that the outstanding character in the series, Richard Langdon, a Harvard Professor of symbology and the best in the world, is real, just to explain this circular symbol!

The Mysterious Guys hitting Stamford Bridge

The Mysterious Guys making a triangular figure

The Mysterious Guys at Juventus Stadium

A Mysterious Guy with an up-side-down pyramid! Conspiracy?

The Mysterious Guys making strange gestures in the stadium

But why? Why on Earth? I got a sigh of relief after I watched the German World Cup winner and coach, Franz Beckenbauer’s 48 seconds YouTube message about the #WinnerTakesEarth and the Mysterious Guys. Here’s exactly what he said in the video:

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Franz Beckenbauer former football player in Munich. Let me ask you these; do you think that aliens exist? Do you think that they play sports? Friends, I have some horrifying news! The answer to both these questions is yes. Last night I was invited by an extra-terrestrial race. Yes, aliens and they want to play football against us! The problem is if we lose *they will destroy the planet*! Now it’s up to us to put together a team. *Only football can save the planet*. More to come!

Franz Beckenbauer spotted at Stamford Bridge during Chelsea’s BPL match against Manchester City! Here, one of the Mysterious Guys was behind him. I spotted the old German but I was unlucky enough not to spot the Mysterious Guys

Hahaha! Crap! The problem is if we lose they will destroy the planet! What if we win? Poor Beckenbauer was not confident enough to talk about aliens in the video and how dumb is he to think that human race are fool enough to believe *only* football can save the planet Earth?
I understand this is all about mind control! Slowly slowly they made more than one billion people on Earth fall in love with football and now they’re trying to show how important it is that it’s the *only thing* to save the planet these days (The End Times?)

The #WinnerTakesEarth is a mysterious global ad campaign that has to do with what its lovers call The Beautiful Game or maybe the mysterious technology company that’s behind this shocking campaign is trying to challenge its biggest rival in the planet!

What is the mysterious technology company that’s behind this weirdly horrifying event? The website of this ad mysteriouscircles and its YouTube channel somehow contain Samsung technology hint! And the simple proof is this programming image

which clearly shows that the Asian mobile technology company set their server to private but made a silly mistake of hosting the website (an even the videos) with their own name! They should’ve change the name to mysteriouscircles instead! And you know what? Why the Mysterious Guys appeared in the three stadiums mentioned? Probably because Samsung has a connection with them!

A screen captured image of the mysteriouscircles website displaying their videos of the Mysterious Circles and the Mysterious Guys happening at different locations cross the globe

And now to Beckenbauer, he’s a respected man in the football world! That’s all I know but I can’t actually say why they selected him to send that shocking video-message to the World and maybe he agreed to do that because of money! Anyway, he’ll lose that respect and trust in the eyes of football fans!

He said “More to come” in the video which directly means that they (aliens) are coming to Earth on Friday 1st November. Haha! It’ll be fun watching the extra-terrestrial race play against the human race! I guess they’ll be running at the speed of light!
Never mind :)…

My friend Naseer Musa Tofa (Enemtees) was the first to notify me of this bizarre marketing ad and another friend of mine Abubakar M. Ibrahim (Falson) was giving the impression that it’s none of our business but thanks to my uncle (Baffa Ibrahim) who boosts a confidence of having peace of mind to me.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Abubakar Muhd Ibrahim
    Nov 03, 2013 @ 05:10:19

    Nice one there Emlanis. Said it that I trust you to come up with something quite interesting about these so called #WinnerTakesEarth and the Mysterious 11 guys. So Samsung was behind all that hype about the mysterious happenings? And whatever their reason for doing that was, they’ve really caught the attention of the footballing world… Let’s sit back and keep our eyes open, I’ve a feeling there’s more to come on this… Who knows, perhaps they might be spotted somewhere in Africa in the near future. I pray it won’t be Naija!!!! BIG UPS Dude!!!


    • hausatrends
      Nov 03, 2013 @ 09:20:52

      No. I don’t think they’ll be spotted at anywhere now… It’s over… On 11th Nov. mysterious samsung will announce the first player in a team they call Galaxy 11. It’s a kind of mysterious adverts that’s full of attention seeking. We shouldn’t mind at all.


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