Maryam Uwais Gains Public Figure, Huh?


It is amazing… Maryam Uwais’s article or debate ( is too much for me that I find it boring to read… That is especially when I begin to see some wrong moves and the fact that base on the comments on the Elrufai’s Facebook page show that she is really wrong at somewhere … The way I understand this issue is that the southerners call it *child marriage* while the northerners call it *early marriage*. To the southerners and the rest of the western world, you’re still a child even if you’re 17 YEARS 364 DAYS 23 HOURS 59 MINUTES and 59 SECONDS! To US the northerners and Islam influenced countries; everybody knows that we do not consider 18 to be a minimum age of maturity… Everyone develops at different maturity rate… Sometimes sex is uncontrollable and how many under18 are caught having sex with old men in a hotel, club, bar, or a brothel in the western parts of the world??? Islam does not permit having sex without legal marriage between lovers and believe me WALLAHI ALLAH (GOD) KNOWS Northern Nigerians are trying so hard to avoid (zina) illegal sex not because we don’t want to or we’re impotent but because it’s the rule of God to shun zina and everyone among us believes doing just that helps spread positive energy to the society… To me Islam has no specific age for marriage but once you are ready for it you know you are and also sex is not the only reasons for getting married islamically… It kills me how everyone is ranting at 13 BEING THE AGE FOR THIS CHILD MARRIAGE YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE TOLD BY THE WESTERN MEDIA THAT YARIMA MARRIED A 13 YEAR OLD EGYPTIAN… What is wrong in getting married at 16, 17, 18, 19 as a girl so long as you believe you can’t control your sexual needs and thirst? So long as you will be allowed to continue your education up to the fact that you can become a professor like Rukayya Ahmad Rufa’i? These days I’ve never seen any man who marries his child at 13 the number most of the people are talking about BUT even if this man Yarima is directly (I’m not sure) talking about child marriage, long before Nigeria was born, in 1880 in Delaware, USA, the consent age (also the minimum age at which a child CAN be married) was 7!!! Just seven! You can find a hell of a lot of countries in the west (Europe  and America) having minimum age for marriage (as a law) from 1880 up to these days (2007) as 7,10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18 and so on here

   Finally, this is not our only problem in the country. In fact, it is not our worst problem. Nobody will even contact the government about the issue of marrying off his daughter or a son and the government itself will not even have the time to give a helping hand about that… To me as a Muslim, any marriage that is based on the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Wallahi if it’s genuinely his Sunnah), is worth living for. So please my fellow Nigerians, ban all the negative energies on this matter that will not benefit the country. I believe even Yarima himself is doing that to distract us from pushing or making a cause that’ll save Nigeria especially the North from the disaster we’re suffering from such as Boko Haram, the downfall of our economy, lack of electricity & good water supply and some important infrastructure. Please and please let us do this: uniting and respecting not insulting or harassing somebody’s religion or culture is ALL that is needed for Nigeria to move forward positively.


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