Doing a Good Deed Like a Smile :)

In this worldly life, any human being has at least a very small chance of helping another human being. A person can help another in many ways. From the smallest to the biggest.
If you make a person smiles by smiling at them just for the happiness of being, you have no clue how much you help them conquer a positive energy in their life. Negative energy is very inhuman and bad we all should avoid getting attracted to it.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaches us to smile and exchange greetings by saying ‘Assalamu Alaikum’ ( peace be unto you) because these two things are magnificent in helping and uniting us in one way or another.
You walking on street and see something harmful, you stop, take that thing, and park it in a place where nobody can get harmed. Do you realize that you do not help only one person but the whole society in general? That is so positive. You prevent your society from getting negative energy. Your society will be quite positive and healthy. That is what prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaches us.
You see, any person in this world can do good and any good act somebody does will definitely help in one way or another.
You have a little knowledge of something good and you spread it to other people, there is no need to highlight how you help them a lot because you know you do.
I discover that I can help my society with anything I have but there is a need for me to wake-up and stand strong in order to do that important thing. Yes, I need to have the courage to give-out something, no matter how small is it, to people.
There is NO need for me to be like Bill Gates or Aliko Dangote in order to be able to help people. I can satisfactorily help them with the little I have. I can help them in any way I can because I want to make them happy not sad, I want to help them smile not cry. Oh yes, I can help them just for the sake of Allah.


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