A Livetweet Interview with Mohammed Jamil, the CEO of @PaidFella!

Here is the conversation in full length that took place on Tuesday, 26th February 2013 at 08:30 pm, between HausaTrends and the CEO of the PaidFella brand, and, the brain behind the Feed1Billion project via our Twitter feeds.

HausaTrends: OK! Here we go @PaidFella, Welcome to HausaTrends livetweet session. Can you pls tell us a little about yourself?

PaidFella: Lol..there’s so much to say & it hurts that d twitter 140 character limit might ruin d fun a bit but with u there’s always fun. My name is Mohammed Jamil, I was raised in a humble and typical African home where both parents taught all of us their kids; that our Faith in God, the Kindness and Compassion we show to others is what defines us as Human beings and the sole reason we exist. My primary and secondary were done here in the south-west and my university in the North then back to Lagos. And since then Lagos has been where I’ve been more often. Besides that I’m just a normal human being trying to live a modest life in the right manner as God described.

HausaTrends: (WOW! On to the next question, thanks J). Please tell us something about your PaidFella brand.

PaidFella: the PaidFella brand is a culture brand, a brand which defines giving to someone in need eachtime u opt to spend on yourself. I can’t define for anyone what his or her wants/needs should be but for whichever if at the same time we can provide a necessity for one poor person, I think that’s fair enough.

HausaTrends: (of course!). Any other goal of Feed1Billion project apart from feeding the less-privileged children?

PaidFella: the Feed1Billion project doesn’t look to merely feed the underprivileged children, that has never been the concept. The concept has been to Feed these kids, take them out of the streets and have them enroll in schools then we’ll cater for their well being everyday so they can learn effectively and get educated with God’s help, end d poverty cycle in the lives of their families by getting qualifications which can give them better jobs. Children are Angels meant to be a Blessing to Humanity & unless we care for these angels, they’ll be angels with broken wings incapable of doing anything positive for the world and out of desperation they might turn out to be all we dread the most.

HausaTrends: That is so inspiring‼ What possibly made you decide to embark on the Feed1Billion project?

PaidFella: First I’ll say and thank God for my mother and Father cos together and by the grace of God they did a terrific job raising each of us in the manner they’ll love to see us grow so we will be beneficial to humanity and ultimately please the Almighty. My greatest happiness comes me when I’m trying to reach out to someone in need, trying to help him achieve, and believe that if I can reach out to all suffering children and help them create a World of comfort filled with Peace, Fairness and Happiness then they might grow up in a loving manner which would help them understand other people’s fears, their troubles, and their hopes and dreams and assist them by showing the same Kindness and compassion shown to them to give hope and put a smile on his face. Thus helping the world to become a better place for themselves & others living in it. It’s my nature & I’ve accepted who I am.

HausaTrends: Wow I’m getting the massive idea behind your brand and project now J. What kind of products are available in your PaidFella store?

PaidFella: Just the PaidFella slippers for now and its sole purpose is to raise funds for the Feed1Billion project. At N 1000 a pair anyone who buys it is Providing an underprivileged Nigerian child with a free meal and keep him in school for a full term. When a donation is made and the person does not need the slippers we give the slippers to charity. E.g: if you’re donating probably 5000 Naira and don’t need the slippers, we give 5 slippers to charity n use ur 5000 on d kids.

HausaTrends: I guess u mean if I buy ur PaidFella product the money received will be deposited in the Feed1Billion acc for helping children?

PaidFella: exactly what I meant!

HausaTrends: Do you have branches across the country? How do I order your products?

PaidFella: our branch is here in Lagos but we have a delivery system which helps to deliever a orders staright to doorsteps no matter where the person is in Nigeria. But Feed1Billion aims to be in every place where there is an underprivileged child. You can either visit the website and fill out the order form or call the number provided in the d twitter profile and a professional will attend to you.

HausaTrends: Understood J. Final question: Any advice for Nigerian youths on practicing a good project like yours?

PaidFella: You might struggle for a while and unless it isn’t your passion then you’ll lose the zeal if not you’ll keep fighting against odds and never get discouraged because loving and creating comfort for others is where you find confort and happiness. Secondly, I advise that in this era of Media publicity and all, strive to stay away from the spotlight cos it can affect, never clamour for publicity and fame if not your work will lose its essence. Finally I pray that God guides & favor everyone on this path so that what they provide will be a blessing to d beneficiaries.

HausaTrends: Ameen. Thank you for sharing your valuable time w/ us discussing an important issue like this that would benefit our society

PaidFella: Thanks for having me. Grateful & Humble.

For more information about the PaidFella brand and the Feed1Billion underprivileged children project in Nigeria, visit http://www.paidfella.com or call Mohammed Jamil on +2348134046564 or +2347080354101. You can also send an e-mail to jaymill_23@yahoo.com, follow @PaidFella, add 27DC9CE2 on BBM or like/friend PaidFella on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/PaidFella

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